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Our goal

Inspiring and promoting the right attitudes towards consumers – especially in the on-line world

We understand adopting the “right” attitudes towards consumers to mean taking an actual, not merely surface-level, pro-consumer approach, and using broadly understood quality as the competitive advantage on the consumer’s entire path-to-purchase, regardless of the category of services/products offered. Therefore, the issue of quality concerns not only the quality of the product, but also the quality and type of information provided before and after its sale. We want honest and clear communication with the consumer.

Initiating public debates on topics relevant for consumers and drawing attention to such issues

We analyse and follow important topics and regulations that affect the consumer’s quality of life. We pay attention to changes and projects that promise improvements or carry the risk of worsening the situation of consumers.

Spreading awareness and knowledge about the rights and possibilities available to consumers

We run and take part in educational projects designed to reinforce and propagate knowledge about consumer rights and, foremost, the right consumer attitude, that is, being aware of your everyday choices, their possible consequences and influence on shaping our surroundings, and the world. We believe that there is a point to supporting good practices with your choices and that such actions can be drivers for others. If you want to change the world, begin with yourself and your closest surroundings.

Systematic monitoring and testing of selected product categories

In addition to the current analysis of trends and publications on the role of quality in the world of consumers, we carry out our own research projects. We want to reliably and objectively assess the actual state of affairs, not the hypothetical version of it. We implement both cyclical research projects (assessing consumer satisfaction levels in selected categories of products and services) and dedicated ones.