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Our goals

1. Promoting right attitudes towards consumers.

By the right attitudes towards consumers we mean a real, not apparent, pro-consumer approach. It is all about the quality of the product or service itself, as well as the value and type of information being communicated, or before- and after-sales service. We want fair and clear communication with the consumer.

2. Initiating and signalling vital issues in the public debate,

proposing appropriate legislative solutions.

We analyse important issues and regulations affecting the quality of consumers' life. We draw attention to changes and projects which introduce improvements, but also to those that carry the risk of making the situation of consumers worse. We propose solutions that will improve the position of consumers in relations with companies and institutions.

3. Raising awareness and disseminating knowledge of consumer rights and opportunities.

We run and participate in educational projects. Their aim is to boost and promote the knowledge of rights, with a particular focus on the proper consumer attitude. We focus on increasing the awareness of everyday purchase decisions and their consequences, as well as the impact on shaping our immediate environment and the world. We believe that supporting good practices with our choices makes sense and is a real driving force. The change should start with yourself and your immediate surroundings.

4. Research into and monitoring of selected product categories and a level of consumer awareness.

In addition to ongoing analysis of trends and publications on changes in the consumer world, we carry out research projects. We wish to reliably and objectively assess the actions of companies, institutions and authorities regarding consumers so that we can act with courage and precision. 

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