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Our goal

Our goal is to unleash the strength and causative power of consumers - voting with their wallets, by taking care of their interests, freedom and rights. We are building a community of people for whom consumer choices make a difference. We are also striving for the highest standards in the fight for the consumer on the market.

On the one hand, the consumer world is a world of infoglut, the so-called fake news, and consequently disinformation. This means a loss of trust in the media and the government.

On the other hand, it is a world with great opportunities for the development of products and services, a world of new technological challenges and dynamic changes. It is also a great need for dialogue, clear and credible communication, transparency and effective leadership. It is an increasing openness to new initiatives and actions aimed at jointly shaping the rules of the free market and setting the best standards in the fight for the consumer.

We want to meet consumers' needs and, through a dialogue with organisations and decision-makers, look after their interests.

Our tasks